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Birch Babe's Message of Sustainability is Reaching More People Than Ever Before

Reach Ecomm has helped manage paid ad spend to highly optimize ROAS, ROI, and cut the cost of reaching millions of potential birch-babes-to-be is reaching more people than ever before with its awesome products and message of sustainability and having a low impact on the world around us.

Paid ads, perfectly executed are returning a better result than ever.

About Birch Babe:

It all started with one woman's (our mom!) solo 6-month trek across South America!

Five years ago Birch Babe’s founder Debbie, a born trailblazer, hiked solo from the southern tip of Patagonia to the Northern tip of Chile. On this trip, she saw a lot of waste however while in Patagonia she noticed that everyone was super conscientious about the environment.

Debbie was already super careful about what she put on her skin and into her body and had lost trust in the skincare industry due to its lack of transparency and social responsibility.

The trip inspired Debbie to do more for the health of our bodies and the planet. She came home and immediately dove into creating cleaner skin and body care. First for herself, then friends and eventually festivals and stores across the country.

Shortly after Debbie's two daughters Kelsey and Lindsay who were passionate about the environment and making a difference came on board making Birch Babe a female and family-led company.

Birch Babe can now be found in over 200+ stores across North America, on, and and has been seen on CTV’s The Social and CNN. In addition to millions of paid impressions every month!

of course we have instagram, how kind of you to ask!