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The Station: Traditional European Bakery


Emergency Intervention & Website Migration

We promptly intervened in a critical security situation, preserving the client's digital assets and reputation. Our team migrated the vulnerable WordPress website to the more secure and robust Webflow platform, significantly reducing future cyber threat risks.

Website Optimization & SEO Audit

Our optimization efforts led to a 23.31% Visibility Index, a substantial leap from the previous 14%, thus increasing the site's appearance in relevant search results. Furthermore, our comprehensive SEMrush audit earned the site a high score of 96%, indicative of an optimized, user-friendly site with minimal issues that could affect search engine rankings or user experience.

User Engagement & Business Growth

Enhancements in site content and usability resulted in a 2.35% increase in engagement rate, a 6.5% rise in new sessions, and a 15.8% growth in session duration. These metrics reflect that more visitors are finding the site's content valuable and engaging. Consequently, Station Bakery has witnessed substantial business growth, including increased in-store traffic, a surge in online orders, and a higher average value per purchase.


Website Redesign

The Station Bakery Web Rescue

When Station Bakery faced a disastrous cyberattack, Reach Ecomm rose to the occasion. We salvaged their digital presence and transformed it into a higher-performing, secure, and user-friendly website that now ranks better and delivers improved business outcomes.

Project Details

In this critical project, Reach Ecomm stepped in to save Station Bakery's compromised WordPress website. Our skilled team worked round the clock to transition the vulnerable website to the more secure, efficient, and robust Webflow platform. This transition was not just about enhancing security but also about leveraging the power of Webflow's superior features to create a visually stunning and user-friendly website that accurately reflects Station Bakery's brand.

Visibility Index Improvement: One of our key success metrics is the Visibility Index, which we improved from 14 to an impressive 23.31%. The Visibility Index, based on click-through rate (CTR), is a critical metric because it indicates a website’s progress in Google’s top 100 for keywords from the tracking campaign. An increased Visibility Index means Station Bakery's online presence has significantly improved, enabling it to feature in more relevant searches, thus driving higher organic traffic.

The success of an online presence is often measured in how visible the site is to its potential audience. In this case, an increased Visibility Index means more potential customers are finding Station Bakery when they search for relevant terms. This organic growth is a sustainable way to build a loyal customer base, ensuring long-term success for Station Bakery.

SEMrush Site Audit Score: In terms of site quality, Station Bakery's new website achieved a stellar 96% on the SEMrush site audit, placing it in the top 10% of websites globally. This score is critical as it's based on the number of errors and warnings found on a website. Higher scores indicate fewer problems, better search engine optimization, and enhanced user-friendliness. With such a high score, Station Bakery's site provides an optimal user experience while minimizing issues that could impact search engine rankings.

Audit scores are a snapshot of the website’s overall health and a direct reflection of the site’s usability and appeal to both search engines and human visitors. A high audit score like this ensures that Station Bakery stands out in the crowded digital marketplace, driving more traffic and, more importantly, conversions on their website.

Engagement Rate: Post-launch, we have seen a surge in engagement rate by 2.35%. Engagement rate is crucial as it measures the level of user interaction with the website. A higher engagement rate means users are interacting more with the website, indicating they find the content more interesting and relevant.

Engagement isn't just about attracting users; it's about capturing their interest and persuading them to interact with the website. A boost in engagement rate signifies that visitors are finding value in Station Bakery's website content, fostering a deeper connection with the brand.

New Sessions and Session Duration: We've also noted a significant growth of 6.5% in new sessions and an increase in session duration by 15.8%. New sessions are a direct indicator of new users visiting the website, a key factor in growing the customer base and expanding brand awareness. The increase in session duration reveals that visitors are spending more time on the site, suggesting they find the website content valuable and engaging.

Each new session represents a potential new customer, and each extended session signifies a potential conversion. These twin successes point to a future of sustained growth for Station Bakery.

Our concerted efforts have led to tangible and positive shifts in these key metrics, and these are already translating into improved business outcomes for Station Bakery: increased in-store traffic, a surge in online orders, and an increase in the average value per purchase. This project highlights the paramount importance of having a secure, user-centric, and well-optimized website.

Are you looking to transform your digital presence and secure your online business just like Station Bakery? Our team at Reach Ecomm is ready to help. Visit our Reach Out page to get started on your journey to success.

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