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Defcon Paintball Gear


Paintball is automatically algorithmically miscategorized and subsequently downranked or banned in paid and display ads. Google said it banned weapons-related listing on Google Shopping back in 2012, and pointed to its policy against the sale of guns and functional parts. That includes “Any part or component necessary to the function of a gun,” the policy reads.

With paid advertising out of the question, we leveraged our research into organic performance and trends, creating a winning social, influencer, and affiliate marketing strategy that has engaged users, driven traffic to the site, built email and text message marketing lists, and most-importantly; resulted in measurable revenue for Defcon Paintball Gear.


Social Media

Defcon Paintball Gear Goes Viral

Defcon Paintball Gear is one of Canada’s top-performing online eCommerce retailers. During the pandemic, while the industry saw a decline - Defcon realized fantastic revenue by meeting their clients where the clients are: online.

Defcon Paintball Gear is challenged by the obstacle of Google Adword and paid search, because algorithmically, the fully-legal paintball and airsoft products they sell are too visually close to real-world firearms. This has created a virtual minefield for the Reach Ecomm marketing strategy team, which the team has been able to successfully navigate through. ‍

TikTok Platform Facts

  • TikTok has been downloaded three billion times
  • the most downloaded app of 2021
  • 63% of all successful ads get their point across right away. If you can secure their attention early on, they’ll be more likely to watch your ad all the way through


  • TikTok Celebrated a Milestone of 1 Billion Active Users in 2021
  • it has 30.8 million daily active users on iOS
  • the Average User Open TikTok 19 Times Per Day

Conversion Metrics

influencers in the U.S. have an engagement rate of nearly 18%, in contrast to 0.75% average engagement rate on Instagram,0.31% on Facebook, and 0.06% on Twitter.

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